M&M Mobile Eyeglass Repair


All Repair for Eyeglasses:

At M&M Mobile Eyeglass Repair, we keep a wide collection of tools and parts in case of any type damage. If any part of your eyeglasses have been broken or lost, we will have them fixed and/or replaced before you have time to worry. We are strongly dedicated to helping you as soon as possible. Our objective is to become indefinitely reliable and friendly care providers.

Regarding Designer Glasses:

Because a majority of glasses and frames are brand named, they certainly require specific parts. However, this is not an issue for us. With countless designer frames, we can always find and completely replace the broken and/or missing pieces of your glasses. We guarantee you won't even see a difference. M&M Mobile Eyeglass Repair carries brands from Gucci to Cazal, and much more! It's never an issue for us.


M&M Mobile Eyeglass Repair is always up-to-date on technology. We are even capable of fixing the toughest metals, even Titanium. You will receive your glasses the same color you brought them. Though some companies may tell you otherwise, Titanium is repairable. No matter the case, we have never had an issue with getting your glasses back in mint condition.

Temple Repairs:

  • -Lengthen or shorten temples
  • -Temple hinge welds
  • -Spring hinge repairs

Frame Repairs:

  • -Bridge replacements
  • -Flexon frame welds
  • -Rimless frame repairs
  • -Drill-mount repairs
  • -Stainless steel frame welds

Don't know the name of the parts for your repair? Check out this diagram:

Eyeglass Diagram